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How will I know when someone makes an appointment online?
Full Slate always notifies you when a client makes an appointment online. Get an SMS text message on your cell phone right away, an email every time or once a day, or just a summary when you log in.
How can I be sure the date and time requested is okay with me?
You have total control over the days and times that are offered to clients online. Plus, you have the option to review each request before it's confirmed with the client.
What if a client needs to reschedule or cancel?
You can set your cancellation policy and decide how much advance notice is required. When clients make changes online, you're alerted immediately.
Can I still take appointments from clients who call instead?
Of course! You have total control over your schedule and can quickly and easily make appointments for clients over the phone or in person.
What if I schedule an appointment offline and someone else books that same timeslot online?
You can manage your schedule on the go with the mobile version of Full Slate on an iPhone or Android. Or, if you don't have a smart phone and won't have access to the Internet for a while, you can turn on text message alerts to get notified immediately when someone books online. You also have the option to review each appointment request before confirming with the client.


Do I have to download anything or install special software?
No, all you need is an Internet connection. Full Slate runs in all modern browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11. (If you don't have one of those, click the link to get it free.)
Do my clients have to download or install anything?
As long as they have Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, your clients don't have to download anything to use Full Slate's online scheduler.
Can I import/export contacts from/to other applications?
Full Slate can import contacts directly from Gmail, Constant Contact, and QuickBooks. Plus, it's easy to save existing clients from Outlook or Apple's Address Book and load them into Full Slate. You can also export your client records from Full Slate to a CSV file at anytime.
Will Full Slate work on my mobile phone?
Full Slate Mobile is designed to work with iPhone and Android. If you have a Blackberry or other smart phone, you can still get text alerts, accept or decline by email, and view your full schedule by syncing with Outlook.
Will the online scheduler integrate with my website?
Yes, Full Slate's scheduling buttons and widgets work virtually everywhere. Just copy and paste the code we give you into your website builder - it's like adding a YouTube video or Flickr slideshow.
What if I can't make changes to my website or don't have one?
No problem. We'll create a page for you at http://yourcompany.fullslate.com, and you can point your clients there to schedule appointments online.

Security + Privacy

Do my clients have to register or create an account?
No, your clients don't have to register with Full Slate to make an appointment with your business. They just have to provide an email address or phone number so you can contact them.
How can I be sure the person booking an appointment is legit?
A lot of businesses worry about fake bookings, but they rarely occur. If you want to take extra precautions, you can have Full Slate verify the client's email address with a test message that must be opened in order to complete the booking process or require a credit card and/or deposit.
Are the booking and payment forms secure?
Yes, the forms where your clients enter personally identifiable information and credit card numbers are served over HTTPS, and that data is encrypted during transmission.
Do you ever sell my clients' contact information or appointment history?
No, never. Your client data is confidential and we handle it with care. Full Slate respects user privacy and does not spam or sell contact info.
Can my clients see who else is on my schedule?
No, clients can only see available appointment times. They can’t see your full schedule, details of other appointments or the names of other clients.
Can I put restrictions on who is allowed to schedule online?
Yes, you can limit online scheduling to existing clients only or require a secret pass phrase. You can even bar certain individuals from self-scheduling, or opt not to allow online scheduling at all.
Can I limit what features and data my employees can access?
Yes. As an administrator, you set the access level for other users. You can share control and give others access to everything and all settings. Or you can let office staff access everybody's schedule but not settings, or limit access to an employee's own schedule and clients. There's also a read-only mode that allows staff to view info but not change it.
Can I use Full Slate for online scheduling and still be HIPAA compliant?
Yes, for more on the privacy and security of patient/client information in Full Slate as it relates to HIPAA, please see Full Slate's HIPAA statement.


How long does the free trial last?
Full Slate's scheduling software is free for two months, until clients book at least ten appointments online with your business or you and other staff book at least 100 appointments internally. Events imported from other calendars don't count, and if you enter a bunch of appointments by hand to get started, just let us know and we'll exclude those too. We really want you to try it out and see how it works for your business. You don't need to enter a credit card for the free trial, so there's no reason to worry about being charged if you decide not to continue.
How much does Full Slate cost after the free trial?
The monthly fee for Full Slate depends on how many separate schedules you need. If you're a sole proprietor scheduling your own time, it's just $29.95 per month. If you have other staff members who perform services, they each need their own schedule. Up to five schedules costs $49.95/mo and up to ten is $79.95/mo. After that, each additional ten schedules cost another $49.95/mo. The Gift Certificates + Packages add-on is an additional $5/mo as we no longer charge for the QB's sync.
How and when do I get billed?
At the end of your free trial, we'll ask you to enter a credit card and automatically charge it each month.
What if I want to cancel the service?
No problem. You can cancel at any time and we won't charge your credit card again. You can export your full appointment history and client list. Once the term you paid for is over, access will be terminated. If you decide to come back, you can restore your account anytime by contacting [email protected]
Does it cost my clients anything to book an appointment online?
No, there is no booking fee per appointment and Full Slate doesn't charge your clients anything.